Tiptoeing into the Blog-o-sphere

Stage 1: The Egg


Hello World!

I first got the idea to start a blog 3 years ago in order to get miscellaneous thoughts out of my head—you know, the ones where you have a whole meaningful conversation with yourself but you’re not sure if you should voice them. I wanted to give myself a reason to start trying things that I was interested in but hadn’t yet allowed myself the opportunity to actually try. Two things have held me back thus far: Fear and Procrastination. I was afraid of being harshly judged because of my shortcomings, be they real or perceived. I was afraid that if I started working towards some worthwhile goal, I would end up quitting before achieving said goal, remembering back on things I started but never quite finished. This worked hand in hand with my procrastination, as I kept giving myself excuses as to why I couldn’t create a blog. They ran the gamut from it not being the right time, not having the tools that I needed or me thinking something bad would happen or negative things would be said about me.

Over time I’ve grown into myself more as well as gained real confidence and lost a bit of the false bravado that I and we as humans show to the world. I’ve also gotten to a point where I am so sick and tired of procrastinating and being afraid, that I want to stamp these feelings out as much as I possibly can. Fear is something that I realize will never truly go away; we just have to learn ways to deal with it, especially as we all know if you never make the attempt, then there you will never succeed. Also, regret is a feeling that lasts for a long time and can be harmful to your mental state.

Image Source: https://stocksnap.io/photo/PIXCYS5H8W
Image Source: https://stocksnap.io/photo/PIXCYS5H8W


It was a little difficult for me to write this first post as I wasn’t sure what I wanted it to be about. So what I did was think through all the myriad topics I wanted to discuss and that I’m interested in and pared those ideas down. This allowed me to put into words what I wanted the foundation of my blog to be about which was Lifestyle Topics & Making Changes and talk a bit about why I wanted my blog to center around this topic. You may have noticed my subtitle “The Egg” and wondered: “What the heck is that supposed to mean, and what does it have to do with this blog?”:

I liken this first half of my journey to that of the life-cycle of a butterfly, as this process from the beginning to end of its life cycle is fraught with changes occurring beneath the surface. This also involves at times shedding outer layers in order to get to the next stage, which involves being uncomfortable at times from the amount of growth happening. This first step of starting my blog represents for me the first stage of the butterfly’s life-cycle: an egg under a leaf just starting out on its journey.


Image Source: https://stocksnap.io/photo/LPNMGYHXCT
Image Source: https://stocksnap.io/photo/LPNMGYHXCT

With that being said, the topics that I intend to blog about will fall under certain categories and will always relate to (and rarely stray from) the foundation upon which I build my blog:

  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty
  • Food & Health
  • My Current & New Interests

My ultimate hope is that through the new journey and experiences that I will go through I will be able to gain more confidence as well as become a more grounded individual who doesn’t allow life to pass them by. I’m also excited at the prospect of meeting new people through blogging as well as my new undertakings which will assist me to look at things through other lenses. I think of this first post as the beginning of the first chapter in my growth journey.


Image Source: https://stocksnap.io/photo/4KMRMHQIJD
Image Source: https://stocksnap.io/photo/4KMRMHQIJD

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  1. this one’s nice. i dont know which part is but i think it has got to be with your spontaneity and forthrightness. I am following you.


    1. Thank you so much for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi. I am new to blogging and do not know much about computers. I remember I have a “wordpress.com” account but migrated to my “douglasreybberido.com account.” I hope you will please respond to my new account.


    1. Hi Douglas. I know how you feel about being new to blogging. Its a bit overwhelming especially learning to navigate wordpress. Its like a whole new world 😁.
      I am currently checking out your posts.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. thank you. please read it from douglasreybberido.com not my wordpress.com account. again, thank you


  3. You’re off to a great start 🙂 I do like that you use images as well to make it more attractive to readers and fellow bloggers.


    1. Thank you so much. I thought it would be a good idea to break up the text so it wasn’t to daunting but I wasn’t sure if I overdid it.


      1. No I think it worked quite well, especially with the image helping with that split.

        Liked by 1 person

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